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Picture of author, as 'Laurie Lee' in Cider with Rosie, by Michael Stanislaw: michael.stanislaw@ntlworld.com

James Warden - Author
In 2006, I set out to write those books which I had never written – novels that were waiting in my head. My first, Three Women of a Certain Age, was written between 2006 and 2007: sun, sea, sand and sex on an island holiday. My second, The Great Gobbler and his Home Baking Factory at the North Pole, (originally written on a manual typewriter in 1982) was word-processed in 2007:  a fantasy for children with a mad puppeteer, a hot-air balloon, a clown-clad mountain troll and a fairground ghost train. My third, The Vampire’s Homecoming, was completed between 2007 and 2009: horror in a village with vampires, secret societies, souls at stake and a struggle with religious forces. My fourth, The One-eyed Dwarf was completed in 2010: dwarfs, elves, wizards, witches and runes – all conjured from the myths of the Norsemen. My fifth, The Age of Wisdom, was completed in 2011: it is a story about betrayal – adultery and divorce.

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Swinging in the Sixties, based on a novel I wrote in the late 60s, was re-written between 2011 and 2013: two groups of students set out to train as teachers and nurses, and the events of those years affect their determination to create a better country and find their own ‘road to freedom’.

In 2007, I adapted Laurie Lee’s novel As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning for the stage and this was produced at the Sewell Barn Theatre in Norwich in November 2009.

Following the publication of my first novel, I was asked by Bill Pieri to ghost-write his autobiography, The Boy in the Photograph. This was published in 2014.

I am now engaged upon two further projects: a play, Letters from a Boy in the Trenches, based upon the letters written by Sydney Harrison of Marchington, Staffordshire to his family when he was called up for military service during the First World War, and my seventh novel, Flying Saucer over Rendlesham, a science fiction story set in 1955. The play will be completed for performance in 2014/15 and the novel by 2015.

 Over the following two years, I intend to write four of a series of detective stories, the first of which, Bingham’s First Case, will concern itself with the abduction of a child. These will be completed by July 2017.